Civil & Criminal Process Service

Please excuse our mess. Our website is under construction at this time, however we wanted to provide a little bit of information about our office as the site is developing.

Constables are an elected Constitutional Office, and are non-taxpayer supported offices. This means once elected, Constables must earn money for operational budget and payroll. Funding come from the fees paid for process service of documents. Constables rely on a successful relationship with clients to maintain this income. It is an important relationship that demands a Constable put forth a deserving effort for all Clients. It is my intention to provide such an effort to not only earn this relationship, but maintain it throughout my term and hopefully beyond.

It is easy to request service by the Sheriff, but one must realize that the Sherriff’s Deputies have no incentive to provide the sometimes significant efforts for successful service. In most counties they are the main law enforcement and make this the primary focus. As such, deputies earn a salary that is not impacted by whether they are successful at paper service.  Rest assured that process service with our office, or any office we recommend for service out of our county, will be honest, efficient, and diligent. WE ARE YOUR BEST CHOICE FOR PROCESS SERVICE  in Georgetown and Scott County. Our Reputation and service percentage proves that. Feel free to ask for previous percentage rates.

Please consider trying our office for process service even by providing some of the more difficult papers that may have been returned by a previous process server. 

Thank you for your time, and please feel free to contact my office with any questions or comments. I am looking forward to a successful relationship in the future.

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